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Bluefish Fishing Guide

Have you ever wondered how to catch a bluefish out in the Virginia Beach area? It is important to understand the patterns and habits that surround this fish in order to make your fishing day a complete success. A bluefish is a type of fish that lives neither close to the bottom nor near the shore of an ocean; they’re more of a middleman, if you will. Bluefish have a blue-green color on the back with silvery sides and belly. Although they have a good looking appearance, be extra careful when handling them. They have razor-sharp teeth and strong jaws that can easily cut your skin.

Blue Fish Virginia Beach

All About the Bluefish

The bluefish is a type of fish that lives in the open nearshore and can be found around the world in temperate and subtropical waters This type of fish can grow up to 31 pounds and 39 inches, and can live up to 12 years. They are able to reproduce at age 2, when they’re about 15 to 20 inches long. They love to eat squid and fish, particularly menhaden and smaller fish like anchovies.

Where Do I Find Bluefish

Searching for bluefish is not as difficult as you think it is. You can easily find bluefish if you take note that it only loves to be in temperate waters. Bluefish typically roam around bays, creeks, and other waterways. Being known as the type of fish that eats anything you throw at them, bluefish are usually searching for whatever fish or crustaceans are present within their area. When going bluefish fishing in the Virginia Beach area, it is important to take note that there is no closed season. It does vary slightly throughout the year with high season being June to October and low season, January to April and December.

Best Season to Fish for Bluefish

Like we’ve stated, bluefish prefer temperate water; so you’ll notice that they do migrate as the seasons change. During the spring and summertime, you can find them as far north as the coast of Maine, while the cooler temperatures bring them back down toward North Carolina and more Southern areas. While bluefish have open availability, the best time for a catch is early morning and dusk. But know that no matter the time, you’ll probably be looking at a good catch for this type of fish.

Catch ’Em

Blue Fish Virginia Beach

Remember bluefish have those sharp, cutting teeth which makes them ravenous eaters. While they are very discriminatory, there are a few bait types that will guarantee a good catch.

Live baits like eel, bunker, and mackerel will lure the bluefish in in no time. There’s one lure no bluefish can resist though: a popper. A popper is used to get their attention; it’s noise angers the bluefish. This makes them search where the popper is and this tactic can easily draw the bluefish in.

Savor the Delicious Taste of Bluefish

Cleaning a bluefish is one easy task. All you have to do is to cut the head off and remove the flesh from the bone, and a filet is all ready. There are a lot of ways where you can serve bluefish. You can serve it baked, poached, or smoked. The smaller kinds are commonly fried since they are not too oily. But why don’t you try to eat a bluefish right after catching it? All you need is some olive oil and a little bit of salt and everything’s all done! Properly clean it, spread some oil, sprinkle some salt and it’s ready to eat! The excellent taste will make you forget that you’re eating it raw. You can also cook it and season it with a barbecue flavor or fry the skin and serve it like potato chips. Or you can keep it simple and roast the fish whole. There are a lot of things to try with your bluefish; experiment and have yourself one delicious meal!

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