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Virginia Swordfish Fishing

Contact Lulu Sport Fishing Charter to book the best Swordfish Fishing trip of your life!


Swordfish Fishing



Virginia Beach is world-renowned for its Deep Sea Fishing  (and inshore) sport fishing. Lulu Sport Fishing Charter is the best in the business, and we pride ourselves in giving our anglers the best chance at catching all the best game fish like the coveted Swordfish!


Swordfish have long been a favorite fish among sport fishermen. Because they like the temperate waters of the Mid-Atlantic, the coast off Virginia Beach is a great place for catching these giants. When you charter your swordfishing charter with Lulu Virginia Beach Fishing Charter, you can be sure you’ll bring in an impressive swordfish, or two or three!


Swordfish Fishing in Virginia


We have a very underutilized swordfish fishery, for some reason. Though very few anglers take part in our swordfish fishery, we have incredible swordfish fishing here.


The best fishing of the season takes place from early October to January. Though the peak swordfish fishing season is in the fall, due to the water temperatures of the ocean canyons being ideal, they can be caught year round off the coast of Virginia Beach.


Anglers can catch swordfish at any time of day, but the very best, and most exciting, fishing takes place at night. It’s not uncommon at all to catch several of these beasts per night.


The Swordfish is a gigantic, beautiful fish living in the deep, Deep Sea waters of the Mid-Atlantic coast, with big concentrations of them found off the coast. The fish is magnificent in every sense of the word! It’s one of the world’s largest species of bony fishes. Its adult weight tops the scales at close to 1,400 pounds, growing to be at least 15 feet long, and living up to 25 years. The fish is a beast!


The swordfish is aptly named because, similar to the marlin, it has a long bill growing from the front of its head. Unlike the marlin, however, the swordfish’s bill is flat and blunted, instead of round and pointed. They use their bills to stun and kill their prey. Anglers need to be very careful when they’re catching and handling these fish, because when angry they will slash and fight and can seriously injure a human or even puncture the boat!


Swordfish are fascinating. These fish start out life as tiny larvae, and then, over the course of their lives, increase their size and weight by a million times. By the time they have reached their adult size, their only predators are open ocean sharks and some of the huge whales with teeth.


Swordfish are merciless nocturnal hunters, being equipped with some highly specialized features. They range in color from dark brown, to blackish-brown, to all black. Their color, combined with their big eyes, makes them the perfect nighttime predators.


Reeling In the Big One!


Swordfish have earned themselves the nickname, “gladiators of the deep,” named so because of their determination and refusal to give up a fight. Not only are swordfish fast and predatory, they’re incredibly graceful. They can leap tens of feet out of the water, dive down hundreds of feet, and will swim faster than you’ve ever seen a fish go, up to 50 mph. Any angler who’s had the thrill of catching them will tell the story for years! 


Book your swordfish charter

Are you ready to head out on an incredible swordfish fishing adventure? Contact Lulu Sport Fishing Charter to book the swordfish fishing trip of your life! Come experience the best swordfish fishing there is in all of Virginia Beach and the Chesapeake Bay, with Captain Matt Bailey, aboard the beautiful Lulu! Fill out our online form at, call us at 757-266-1256, or email us at


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Inshore  :  1/2 Day   :  4 Hours  :  $650

Inshore  :  Full Day  :  8 Hours  :  $1,400

Offshore  :  All Day  :  12 Hours  :  $2,400

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