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Virginia Beach Fishing Charters

Contact Lulu Sport Fishing Charter to book the Virginia Beach charter boat trip of your life!


Fishing Charters Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is famous along the Atlantic coast, and even the world, for its endless charter Virginia fishing. It’s known as having the best saltwater fishing spots in the entire Mid-Atlantic region.


This area is geographically unique and highly diverse. Because of its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach has an incredible variety of beaches, coastlines, bays, inlets, and ocean depths and temperatures. There is also a host of wrecked boats, debris, lighthouses, columns, ocean canyons, and other topography that provide prime living and hunting ground for hundreds of species of fish.


Anglers coming to fish Virginia Beach can experience any type of charters Virginia they want. So how are you going to know what sort of fishing experience is right for you?


Here’s the answer! The best way for anglers to experience Virginia Beach’s vast array of fishing is to book a trip on a fishing charter boat. The only problem is that with so many fishing charter boats calling Virginia Beach home, the choices can seem overwhelming. But when you’re looking for the most epic fishing charter experience, you don’t need to look any further than Lulu Sport Fishing Charter. We’re the best in the business, and here’s why!

The Lulu Sport Fishing Charter Difference

Lulu Sport Fishing Charter is a Virginia Beach-based sport fishing charter owned and operated by Captain Matthew Bailey. Captain Bailey was practically born and raised on the water around Virginia Beach, so he knows these waters like the back of his hand.


To make Lulu Sport Fishing Charter Virginia Beach stand out even more, the Lulu itself is a luxurious, purpose-driven boat. It’s a 50-foot-long, 1999 Craig Blackwell fishing boat. The Lulu is smooth and fast, powered by twin Caterpillar diesel engines. This means, most importantly, that the Lulu is extremely comfortable to ride on. Every member of your family will enjoy their experience on the Lulu. So between our incredible Captain, and his first-rate boat, you can feel good knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re embarking on the best fishing charter trip Virginia Beach has to offer.


Some charter Virginia fishing beach companies specialize in only one type of fishing, say, for example, Deep Sea fishing. But when you charter your Virginia Beach fishing charter trip with Lulu Sport Fishing Charter, you can get excited knowing that we specialize in it all!


Since Captain Bailey knows the ins and outs of all the waters around Virginia Beach, he takes anglers on every possible type of fishing charter trip that the area has to offer. Lulu Sport Fishing Charter offers trips throughout the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach, inshore fishing charters, Deep Sea fishing charters, and even swordfish fishing charters. Your fishing opportunities are limitless.


The Types of Fishing Charters We Offer in Virginia Beach


Just as key as the time of year you choose to take your fishing trip, is the location you choose. For example, if you charter an inshore fishing trip with Lulu Sport Fishing Charter, you’ll have the chance to catch Spanish mackerel, bluefish, spadefish, flounder, tautog, striped bass, croaker, spot, triggerfish, shark, and cobia. If you choose to charter an Deep Sea or deep- sea trip with Lulu, you’ll have the chance to catch swordfish, blue and white marlin, bluefin, yellowfin, or bigeye tuna, wahoo, mako, mahi mahi (or dolphin fish), king mackerel, blueline and golden tilefish, sea bass, and snowy grouper.


Something for the Whole Family


When you book your charters Virginia fishing beach trip on the Lulu, you can be sure that you’ll be embarking on the biggest adventure of your life! Your trip will be wild, exhilarating, and also safe for any and every member of your family.


So what else makes Virginia Beach so special? Here we have something for everyone, fishing lover or not. Virginia Beach is loaded with sights and activities. There are museums, parks, kid-friendly activities, lighthouses, fine dining, shopping, and the list goes on.


Nature and animal lovers will find an endless variety of nature reserves, parks and beaches, and aquariums. To name just a few, there’s the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, First Landings State Park, Virginia Beach, and Sandbridge Beach. Gardeners and botanists will enjoy the Miyazaki Japanese Garden, as well as the abundant plant life found growing wild all over the place.


For the youngest members of the family, there’s the Jerrassic Park Dinosaur Museum and Bayville Farms Park. Something truly unique to Virginia Beach is that these kids’ spots are not only fun, they’re super educational. Kids can learn about the history of Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas and islands. They can learn about the plant and animal life that lives in the area, as well as the dinosaurs that used to roam the land in prehistoric times. And if the kids just need a fun break, there’s the Bounce House.


Virginia Beach also is home to a vibrant dining scene, arts community, shopping, and music. The non-fishermen can enjoy a day of wandering the streets, checking out the local eateries, sipping wine, listening to live music, shopping, and then enjoying a romantic evening stroll along the beach or boardwalk.

Book Your Virginia Beach Fishing Charter!

Are you ready to head out on an incredible Virginia fishing adventure? Contact Lulu Sport Fishing Charter to book the Virginia fishing charter trip of your life! Come experience the best charters fishing in all of Virginia Beach with Captain Matt Bailey, aboard the beautiful Lulu! Fill out our online form at, call us at 757-266-1256, or email us at


Charter Prices:

Inshore  :  1/2 Day   :  4 Hours  :  $750

Inshore  :  Full Day  :  8 Hours  :  $1,500

Offshore  :  All Day  :  12 Hours  :  $3,000

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