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King Mackerel Fishing Guide

King mackerels are one of the most sought-after gamefish King mackerels are often found in open nearshore and coastal waters. They are a sophisticated fish species that possesses excellent eyesight and are known for their heavyweight. Keep reading for more info on how to catch these feisty fellows!

King Mackerel Fishing Virginia Beach

All About the King Mackerel

King mackerels belong to the family of mackerel together with the Spanish mackerel, which is also a gamefish. King mackerels are common and well-known to the sportfishing competitions on the East Coast. They are favored for their speed and weight, making them a challenge for sport fishers. King mackerels can grow up to 50 pounds. There have been reported cases of king mackerels growing 6 feet long and weighing 100 pounds. This is definitely a heavy fish!

King Mackerel

Where Can You Find One

Looking for king mackerels? Reefs, wrecks, and channel edges are common places to find the perfect bait that will attract these fish. Since you can find bait in these areas, you can attract king mackerels to your position and lure them closer. King mackerels enjoy tropical and subtropical waters. Mature king mackerels dwell in the medium depth of the sea. Looking for them in clear waters that are about 50 to 100 feet deep will be the best place for a catch.

Best Season to Catch King Mackerels

King mackerels are a migratory species of mackerel that is constantly on the move. They seem to be easier to catch between June and October. King mackerels are also commonly found in wrecks between the months of September and October. King mackerels may also stay in wrecks since small fishes stay in this area. Although king mackerels are commonly seen to be in small groups of about 4-9 fish, you could find some wandering alone.

Best Ways to Catch King Mackerels

Since king mackerels are one of the most sought-after gamefish off the Eastern Coast of the US, strong equipment, strategies, and techniques have been developed and devised in order to catch this popular fish. Since king mackerels are as speedy as the wahoo fish, you may find some difficulty in catching king mackerels. Many sport fishers have found that the best way to catch these fish are to troll them, using lures and baits from different species of small fishes like bluefish, minnows, sardines, and lizardfish. Spooning is also implemented. If you’re fishing for king mackerels in the Virginia Beach area, you’ll find the most efficient avenue is trolling with live bait.

How to Cook King Mackerels

King mackerels are one type of game fish that are not usually served as food because many consider their taste to be ‘not good’. However by properly preparing them you can make king mackerel taste delightful! It is important to remember that king mackerels do contain high concentrations of mercury so be sure to eat them in moderation. King mackerels can be easily cleaned and prepared with a sharp knife; all you have to do is cut the head and open the abdomen to clear the organs. Proceed to cut the fins and gills and make your desired cut. Many people cut their king mackerel as a fillet while some cut it like a steak. There are many different ways for you to enjoy this type of fish: grill it, make a soup out of it, even smoke it. No matter what you choose you’ll enjoy feasting on your catch!

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