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Swordfish Fishing Guide

Did you know that a swordfish can swim 50 miles per hour? Pretty fast, right? Swordfishes are most known for their long, flat bill that looks exactly just like a sword! Let’s explore more characteristics that Swordfish have.

Facts about Swordfish

Swordfish, also called “broadbills” in other countries, generally grow 10 feet in length and about 600 kilograms in weight. Swordfish aren’t schooling fish; they would rather swim alone or at least 33 feet away from another swordfish. They also swim incredibly fast. They use their sword-like bill to attack other fish to be their food. Their appearance is quite scary because of the way they look, plus the fact that they are one of the largest fish you’ll see. They live for about 9 years and normally lose their scales and teeth as they reach adulthood.

Where to Find Swordfish?

Known as a warm-water species, swordfish can be easily found in the warm water of Virginia Beach. Swordfish also have a wide temperature tolerance, and they can be found in waters from 41-80°F. They are frequently observed in surface waters, but they are also believed to swim 2,100 feet deep.

When to Catch Swordfish?

Catching swordfish can be done during both night and day, but since baitfish move down deeper during the daytime, swordfish also go deep in the water. This is why it is easier to catch swordfish at night. You're gonna have to do some off shore fishing Virginia Beach, if Swordfish is your targeted catch.

Tactics for Catching Swordfish

Catching swordfish requires a hefty amount of techniques, as well as patience and practice to catch it. Bump Trolling is one of the most popular techniques used in catching swordfish in the daytime. This is basically trolling the fish by bumping the boat in and out of the gear and going as slow as you can. The other popular tactic for swordfishing in the daytime is using the Breakaway Sinkers, Two Weight Rig, and many more. But using bait is the most effective way to lure and catch swordfish. The best baits to use when fishing for swordfish at night are dead squid, tinker mackerel, live blue runner, bullet Bonita, and you can also use artificial stuffed squid.

The Good Taste of Swordfish

In cleaning swordfish, you should start by cutting off its bill, fins, and mouth. Cut it in half, remove its center bone, and cut it in pieces to fully separate the flesh from the bones. After these steps, you can now wash your swordfish under cold running water and prepare it however you’d like. One of the best ways to cook swordfish is to marinate it, grill it, and to serve it like a steak. The best way to prevent your swordfish from becoming dry is to brush it with butter or olive oil. You may also want to try cooking it with a sauce; swordfish goes well with lemon mustard sauce. It can also be used in making tasty sushi (a traditional Japanese dish that mostly consists of raw ingredients). Also, swordfish is good for fighting cancer and it gives heart-healthy benefits since it is a great source of selenium. Swordfish are also low in fat and calories. All in all, no matter what dish you’ll cook, you’ll enjoy eating your swordfish catch!

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